Sunday, February 21, 2010

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factor Sanremo

And so Saturday ended the sixtieth edition of the Sanremo festival, however, been dead for several years now. Although it is considered the festival flowers, does not mean that they are always in bloom, even recently are rather faded. Too bad, because Clerici, had set in its own way, simple, solitary, with his gaff, without any frills, they are coming from far away places valleys. Not only that, but perhaps it was the only to be prosperous in attitudes and in the physical, embodying most of the Italian non-anorexic, but full of health and the flab in the right places. Too bad, because even the scenery was beautiful, strictly "elettronicissima" with the use of new technologies with low consimo but highly effective. Too bad because the first true artist who has performed, Elisa, has demonstrated that we home of the artists we slap soooooo cheaper and certainly the big names, however good, too. The speech did better the next day, Enrique Iglesias, when he said that if these should be the methods to be tried next year if they stay at home. It has nothing to do eternal battle between the young and "old." Those who are older than 40 years ripropinano there's always the same style, the usual cliche. Old Povia with these texts is already unlikely and pimps (unlike his first song). Nor is the reprehensible urchin D'Angelo with his song in Neapolitan dialect. But the same duo Pupo-Filiberto you can accept deep down, partly because the intervention of the content has made the words of the song a kind of hymn, even so much about so bad. I also accept a Toto Cotugno lobotomized by the stench of the woman-who-is-also-in-Dixan, Belen Rodriguez (also a beautiful voice) ...
But a Festival with the effe capital can not start with the scandal that Morgan has admitted (and do) use of cocaine and the like, so much to keep for 10 days before the bench with all the different outputs and feedback bar. If the natural character of a film by Dario Argento (who was then his father) wants to do the pilot making any track of the judges who has not sinned? Finally, a festival with a capital "f can not have two characters in the first two positions have left the world the talent show. I'm sorry but I do not accept. This is the most obvious connection to show business in general, that passed by Mediaset, Rai, where lavish pumping money to sponsor programs of questionable taste, where sometimes it is some talent, but you have to go looking with a lantern ... Marco Mengoni is perhaps one of those for sure, and if the first and the third had been different, his second place finish there could also be a shame for the song just "clever", though very well sung. Valerio Scanu Bravin may be in all ways and in all places (the lakes has nothing) but not on the top step of the festival. Then the sales will do the rest, perhaps the rewards will come from there ... Comets do not pass more for some time and perhaps the only one could be that of Irene Grandi, with a pleasant song, without too many flights of fancy in the text, a song called "light" from Sanremo. Once again Sergio Caputo was right when in the "Saturday Italian" read: "... the radio stabs me with the flower festival ...". But you know, artists like him make them all flee abroad (Karima docet) ...


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